Redis Internals


A self-paced course where we understand the Redis internals by actually reimplementing its core features, like event loop, serialization protocol, persistence, pipelining, eviction, and transactions, in NodeJS.

The Course

Redis has to be the most versatile modern database out there. Although it is heavily used as a cache, it can also be used as a Message Broker, a Streaming engine, and so much more. This course will be an answer to some of your most common questions about Redis – why is it so fast? and how it can handle a large number of TCP connections while being single-threaded?

In this self-paced recorded course, we will be understanding the internals of Redis by actually reimplementing it in NodeJS, and the features include

  • event loop
  • serialization protocol
  • approximated LRU eviction
  • command pipelining and transactions


Our reimplementation in NodeJS will be an actual drop-in replacement of Redis which means you would be able to connect to this DB through any Redis client in the world! Our entire reimplementation is open-sourced and can be found on Github at DiceDB/dice.


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